Shrimp exports in 2021 are expected to be over $ 4 billion

There are many advantages over competitors, along with joining free trade agreements will facilitate exports, by 2021 shrimp exports may increase 15% compared to 2020, export turnover reached over 4 billion USD.

In 11 months of 2020, shrimp exports earned US $ 3.4 billion, up 11.3% over the same period last year. This is a very encouraging result in the context of the Vietnamese shrimp industry facing many difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, saline intrusion in key farming areas leading to brackish water shrimp production, especially. is the decreased tiger shrimp.

High and stable export growth in the US, Canada, Australia, along with slight growth in markets such as China, EU, and South Korea are the bright spots of this industry in 2020.

As a leader in the shrimp industry, from farming, producing broodstock, seed shrimp, feed, farming, processing, exporting, creating high added value, Mr. Le Van Quang – General Director, Chairman of Minh Phu Seafood Corporation – said, in 2020, Minh Phu has exported 55 thousand tons of finished shrimp, with a turnover of 580 million USD. The target in 2021 is 71 thousand tons of shrimp, turnover of 790 million USD. Currently, Vietnam is a major shrimp exporter in the world. In recent years, businesses have focused on deep processing, enhancing added value. In addition, the proactive market rotation, taking advantage of the opportunities created by the changes in the market due to the Covid-19 translation, diversifying products suitable for each market segment has helped businesses. in the industry not only maintain but also increase export turnover.

In the context that the competitor’s supply is facing difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic and the situation is not expected to be better until the end of the first quarter of 2021, experts say, Vietnam’s shrimp exports If the farming and processing stage is ensured well, it will continue to achieve growth milestones in 2021. Covid-19 vaccine is born with the advantages of FTAs ​​being utilized by businesses will be dynamic. force for shrimp exports in 2021.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Toan – Director of Department of Agricultural Product Processing and Market Development (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) – said that joining bilateral trade agreements with other countries will create favorable conditions for business. Export industry is more favorable. In 2021, shrimp exports can increase by 15% compared to 2020, the export turnover will reach over 4 billion USD.

According to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), the world demand for shrimp will continue to increase, especially in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the demand for processed seafood at home will increase. Notably, according to VASEP, while major shrimp producing countries such as India, Ecuador, and Thailand … all suffer from the heavy effects of covid-19 epidemic such as delayed production, transport of goods, and Decreased shrimp farming activities slowed down, shrimp production decreased … Compared to competitors, Vietnam has an advantage due to better control of covid-19 epidemic, major consuming markets such as the US, EU. , China chooses to buy shrimp from Vietnam. These are opportunities for the Vietnamese shrimp industry.

VASEP forecasts that shrimp exports can reach an export turnover of 4 – 4.4 billion USD. To achieve this target, it is necessary to focus on solutions such as developing the farming area, reducing the cost of raw shrimp, in which the production of white-leg shrimp should reach 1 million tons. Enterprises focus on technology investment, intensive processing, value addition, and well meeting the needs of importing countries.

To support this industry to seize opportunities and promote exports, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Toan said, along with organizing a series of events, fairs, bringing seafood products, including processed shrimp to The country introduces and promotes to facilitate exports, the Department of Agricultural Product Processing and Market Development will promote and bring goods from the South to the North for consumption to stimulate the domestic consumption market. strongly deployed.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien suggested that, from the early days of 2020, units, businesses and farmers prepare well the conditions and stock them according to the 2021 seasonal calendar. focus on disease prevention, control impurities, chemical and antibiotic residues in shrimp products to ensure disease safety, food safety. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen links between units participating in the production chain in order to improve quality, ensure traceability, continue to increase the proportion of value-added export products. Promote production linkage, replicate effective production models and chains, maintain and develop output markets, and combat technical barriers.

Nguyễn Hạnh