Effective from deploying management and automatic customs supervision

The survey results of import-export enterprises, logistics enterprises, warehousing and aviation enterprises conducted by the General Department of Customs related to VASSCM, recently announced, showed that the application of VASSCM Helping import-export and logistics enterprises save an average of 2.5 hours when doing the procedures for importing a shipment via Noi Bai International Airport. In which, the time to confirm the goods through the monitoring area saves about 1.2 hours per shipment; The procedure time for warehouse businesses to take goods out of the warehouse also saves an average of 1.32 hours.

The overall benefit from the implementation of VASSCM for businesses in general is very clear, because 91% of respondents said that VASSCM helped documents and procedures to put goods in or out of stock. or simpler customs supervision, reducing the time required for customs clearance. Approximately 82% of businesses said that the time to prepare documents for the warehouse and yard business to carry out the procedures for bringing goods into or out of the warehouse was reduced, saving the preparation of documents was 0.83 hours. ; reduce management costs (printing, storage costs, personnel costs). About 73% of enterprises said that the system helps to proactively carry out procedures for warehouse and yard business (not dependent on the administrative working time of the customs office because the electronic system operates 24 / 7); reduce costs of loading, unloading, transporting, storing import and export goods in warehouses and carrying out import and export procedures.
In addition, logistics enterprises providing customs clearance services also said that VASSCM helps to improve productivity and service quality for customers. In which, for warehouse business, it is more convenient to query and receive information on the electronic system before loading and unloading imported goods from the means of transport into the warehouse area. Actively loading and unloading goods on the basis of pre-existing information from customs and airlines, proactively arranging cargo locations to inspect, screen accordingly …

For enterprises’ business activities, information exchange and sharing are more convenient, timely and accurate to help reduce management risks, improve productivity and productivity. The management and monitoring of goods entering or leaving or storing in warehouses and yards is also convenient, accurate and stricter, helping to increase labor productivity and business efficiency (increase in sales, output of exploited goods …)

For airlines, the exchange of information on electronic systems has helped them save time, costs, manpower, improve business performance such as proactive in loading and unloading, saving. time to prepare documents, exchange information with customs and stakeholders more smoothly, more accurately, more accurately, reducing risks in management.

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